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Goldfish Pulling a Snail Cart » by James Pollock)

« Perseverance » is the fourth of the series of segues composed to join the tracks of…


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Essay : On the Meaning of Sin



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Detail of a poster for the International Hygiene Exhibition 1911 in Dresden » by Franz von Stuck)

« Understanding » is the third segue in the series that I have written…


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Angel on the Threshold

Holzfigur Engelchen auf Halbmond » by 4028mdk09)…


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school jam usa - a great contest

Check out the bands entered in this years national HS music contest.

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Lebenslauf » by Adi Holzer)

« Vigilance » is the second of a series of short segues that I have composed in order to combine already existing pieces into one larger, continuous whole.

Each of the segues highlights a…


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RUN BAMBE RUN is BACK with enhanced sound and new look!

Deer Fans, RBR is rockin' again!! We have added Kris Baker to lead vocals, Anu to lead guitar! We took a haitus while lead songwriter/keys Bambe' battled breast cancer, chemo, etc. . Glad THAT's over! But from darkness comes light, and the sound/songs of Run Bambe Run are even more heightened due to appreciation for life. We most recently played Outback Saloon in Boulder and the crowd went wild!

It's been SO good to be back in the action! We R also recording a demo song, Twisted, at Crank… Continue

Added by RUN BAMBE RUN on September 21, 2011 at 12:49am — 1 Comment

If These Clothes Could Sing by Kalene McCort


If Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was a chick, redheaded and had a burning love for all things vintage he would be Rockin' Robin. This spitfire, whose store shares her name, is bringing the people of the Front Range quality retro clothes with a heaping side of pure entertainment. In a…


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Essay : On Desire

Photo of the magnetic field of two bar magnets with like poles close together » by Alexander Wilmer Duff)

In Buddhist culture, there exists the core notion of the three poisons, which are considered to be the cause of all sufferings.

In English, the poisons are generally…


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Dance Of Fire » by SarThePhotographer)

« Purposefulness » is the first of a series of short segues that I have put together in the hopes of joining existing compositions into one continuous piece of music.

In order to preserve the surprise, I won't…


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Procession (Juggernaut part 3 - revisited)

Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India » by James Fergusson)

The third part of « Juggernaut, » entitled « Procession, » evokes the arrival of the crushing force before it unleashes into a frenzy of…


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On Individualistic Spirituality

In my opinion, on some social networks there appears to be a tendency to avoid challenges altogether in order to protect beliefs.

The rationale seems to be that the intent of the challengers is merely to « make wrong, » and that those who challenge are just not « confident in their own beliefs. »

But what then if the intent is not to « make wrong » ? What if the intent is to shed a different light ? What if the prompting comes from the heart and not the ego ? What if the… Continue

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Keep on Rockin' Me, Steve!!! A Review of Steve Miller Band with Buddy Guy at Red Rocks, July 23, 2011

My friend, Karen leaned over to me at last Saturday night's Steve Miller concert to tell me that seeing a…

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Integration (The Chrome Lake part 7 - revisited)

(Based on « 4D virtual 3x3x3x3 sequential move puzzle, scrambled » by SpinningSpark)

« Integration » is the seventh and final chapter of « The Chrome Lake. »

This instrumental section starts…


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Steamroller (Juggernaut part 4 - revisited)

Wilesco D36 steamroller » by Morn)

« Steamroller » is the fourth chapter of « Juggernaut. » In the storyline of the suite, it represents the apex of pain, and the metanoia.

The instrumental is one of the most busy pieces of music that I’ve written up to now, and…


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Surface (The Dam part 6 - revisited)

Surface Tension » by darkmatter)

In « Surface, » the sixth chapter of « The Dam, » the protagonist/narrator is gradually returning to activity after having transformed into who they feel like being. Ultimately, they reach the…


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Satori : A Momentary Flash of Enlightenment

Emanation of light » by Limonc)

Back in 1998, I underwent a very peculiar experience, indeed, thus far at least, a once-in-a-lifetime event, which opened many doors for me and confirmed some of the directions I had previously chosen.

In time, I came to consider this occurrence as an instance of satori, a sudden…


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Portrait : Everyday Was The Same

Glass of Beer and Playing Cards » by Juan Gris)

everyday was the same

but she wouldn't notice

oblivious to the game

that had become practice

well, many times she had

but she couldn't stand it

it always felt so bad

better to deny it

rising… Continue

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Dressin in Style with Rockin Robin's

Hey everyone!  I am Robin (another one) and I am the author of the style blog Frannie Pantz.

I discovered Rockin Robin's a few months back and instantly fell in love. Not only did I share the same name as Robin, but I love fashion and I love music! When I got in the store, I found Robin to be every bit of fabulous that I imagined and found so many terrific items! Not only that, but I was the winner of the $50… Continue

Added by Robin Halvorson on June 3, 2011 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Rapids (The Dam part 3 - revisited)

Stromschnelle » by Gerhard Rießbeck)

In « Rapids, » the third part of « The Dam, » the protagonist/narrator is being carried from a mostly disappointing river straight into an heretofore…


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